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how to fix a slow pc & speed up performance

If your computer is running slowly, it can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of an important project or task that requires your computer to be at its peak performance level.

But don’t panic—you can speed up your slow computer with just a few simple tweaks and adjustments to how you use your computer throughout the day.

In this article, we’ll go over some easy methods for speeding up your computer without spending any money on upgrades.

speed up COMPUTER performance Tutorial

Clean out your computer

As a general rule, your computer needs less maintenance as time goes on. However, keeping your computer clean and in good shape will keep it running optimally for longer.

So take an hour of your day and clean out the gunk from the bottom of your desk drawer with this expert guide on how to speed up your computer’s performance. You can also watch the above video tutorial for details

Top 7 Web 2.0 Platforms That Can Help You Rank Higher in Search Engines

Ranking higher in search engines for your business is an essential part of marketing. This article discusses some of the top web 2.0 platforms that can help you rank higher in search engines and why it’s important to use them.

You can watch this video for more

Web 2.0 Platforms

Web 2.0 platforms help to rank a website higher in search engines because they provide a link back to the website. That’s why it’s important to have a social media presence and build your email list so that you can have as many backlinks as possible.

The importance of Web 2.0 Websites

Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the second generation of internet websites and services, which are highly interactive. They support many open standards for communication and data-sharing. Common features include blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, web feeds, and online communities. Web 2.0 websites have become increasingly popular as a way to market products and services because they’re more interactive than traditional websites.

How to use Web 2.0 websites

Web 2.0 websites are a great way to increase your search engine ranking. Start with the most popular ones like Google+, YouTube, Reddit, and Flickr. You can also use more obscure sites like Spotify and Foursquare. The key is to make sure you follow all of their rules as they will often delete content if it violates one of them.

Take a look at this video for more details


You may not be aware of this, but there are many other ways to get your content in front of more people. While these platforms don’t always work for everyone, they should at least be given a try if you want to boost your rankings.